Giving Naseeha

"The religion is naseehah." The people asked, "To whom?" The Prophet(saws) replied, "To Allaah(swt)..." [Bukhari,Muslim]



'To attach a responsibility to another in a claim.' (Hidaaya) Kafaalat is permissible. This is proven from two prime sources of Shari'ah.


Kitabul Hawaala

Muheel/the person who transfers his debt (the debtor) Muhtaal - the creditor Muhtaal Alayhi/the person who becomes responsible Muhtaal bihi/the debt



1) 'The Appointment of someone (to take charge of) in another's place...

2) In a permissible and known transaction.



Dhaman is a contract of kindness meant to benefit and help the person who is given dhaman. So it is not permissible to receive compensation for it



A contract can be afflicted by defects that may render it invalid or incapable of generating its intended results intended for it by the shar'iah



Counsel | Ideator | Envoy

"... business done by a man with his own hands and every permissible commercial transaction..."

A cyclical business entrepreneur and solutions Ideator  who went into independent consulting as a direct result of intending to be in charge of his own circumstances and transitioned to being a Chartered Counsel @ Business & Information Technologies after experiencing the direct correlation between personal effort in task execution with better practices and eventual reward.

Witnesseth hereby, that through this practice, via this site and these services and products, we remind ourselves of the instruction to heed the duty after the duty  and the duty after the duty and the duty (common terms) and to be exemplars of what we call others to.{iA}..CEO.IKRIMAHPLC


Straight Talk, Free and Fair and Free from Fear

"The following are the most frequently answered questions asked of us. We include them here for your information as well. Other permissible questions will insha Allah, be added from time to time as they are asked. We list them in the hope that you will understand what we do, how we do it, why we do it and these also assist us to create the expectations set that you have of us.


"Do you get counsel from a permissible Committee?

"Just as we seek to give business advice, so we too have advisors ourselves. We take it back to the book to the Hadeeths, to the Messenger and to Allah(swt) after first consulting with those with years and good remembrance. It has been said of old times and it is true in some cases today, that " He who advises himself, has a fool for a client" " .


" What Do You Mean By Shared Value?"

"In our praxis we refer to "shared value as shared profit and shared loses, if our instructions that you agree to, cause a loss, that loss is borne by us to the extent of 10% to 50% of the fees you pay us. The quantity will be measured based on the degree to which you adhered to our instruction or guidance If the instructions that you agree to cause you gain, then our fees are fully earned and we benefit by your continued patronage and perhaps your reference too.(swt) has decreed some obligations; do not neglect them; Allah (swt) has forbidden others; abstain from them; Allah (swt) has established some boundaries, do not violate them. Every Action is based on an Instruction. Every Action not Instructed is rejected.. "


"What do you mean by "Common Terms"? "

"By "Common Terms we mean two things the first is that if we have different life orientations and follow different paths, then if we are engaged in a business activity, then it is on the common terms between us that causes us to work together. We practice that to you be your own way and to ours be our way. The second meaning is equally important and is attached to the first. It is that we cannot go forward unless we are agreed on what is to be done and you are in agreement with the deliverables. "


" I think you have a strange tagline, What does it mean "

"We have two taglines, one is a business tagline inspired by our Islamic lifestyle and the other is a praxis tagline. The business tagline is " A Business done by a man, with his own hands and every permissible commercial transactions. This is advice from the Prophet, Muhammad(pbuh) who says that this is the best work for a Muslim. This is not original. It is adapted from a Hadeeth Of Islam. The second tagline is the service/praxis tagline. It says your deliverable are served "On Requirements, On Cost, First Time. This is original and is the standard we aspire and intend to work for and to be held to. It is also the standards we hold others to. "


What Do You Mean By Gold Standard

"By gold standard we mean the value of our work is quoted in the gold. The customer therefore pays us in (a) Gold of the specified purity; (b) or in Islamic Gold Dinars; (c) regrettably and by uncomfortable agreement, we accept the value of the gold we charge on the day you pay us, in the currency of your country. As Muslims we have no belief in the current banking system practiced anywhere, with is usury, interest, and fiat money which only of political value, is unbacked is printed at will. We believe in Muamalat only. Below you will see details of how we are paid and the different multiples per hour for projects

How You Pay Us

  • All activities and projects in our praxis are undertaken on the basis of PlcManHours .
  • There are eight (8) man-hours in our Plc-Work day.
  • Differences in fees are based on complexity, involvement or where teams may be involved and specialized resources need to acquired to execute a project.
  • Private/Personal 4.5 Grammes of 999 Purity Gold (PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency
  • Corporate 9.0 Grammes of 999 Purity Gold(PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency
  • Governorate 13.5 Grammes of 999 Purity Gold (PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency
  • Custom Rates are based on any configuration the Grammes of 999 Purity Gold (PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency


What is your view on Fiat Money

Citizens of almost all countries have decided to accept the forced usage of the currency created by state law. The capacity of every individual to choose in conjunction with others their own currency, as we did when we had Dinar and Dirham, has been eliminated because the economists say so.

Islamic Dinar/Dirham Trade Not Imposed

In the past when Muslim Governments minted and used Islamic Dinars and Dirhams they did not impose its usage, because that imposition is not permissible in Islam. Muslim have been given freedom to choose their means of debt settlement by Allah(swt) who instructed us to: “trade with mutual consent”.


" Are there any guarantees?"

Yes, there are. Please see the list of guarantees we offer on our common terms service

Common Terms
Common Terms
Fixed Fees
Fixed Fee Fixed Result
On Time First Time
First Time Delivery
50% Money Back
Buyer Aborted Projects
Accurate Billing
Billed On Deliverables
Agreed Deliverables
On Requirements
Gold Standard
4.5Gm/Gold/Per Hour
100% Shared Risks


" With so much writing there must be a lof of complex fine print, correct?"

" On the contrary, there is little or no fine print. We have very few things to declare.

WHAT | Is The Fine Print

  • These are all the Fine Print . All offers and fee bids, etc, by IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. and all contracts concluded with a Client shall be subject to and shall incorporate these terms and conditions.
  • We wont take the project if we cannot do it. We will make at least one and up to three alternative similar or differing solutions provider.
  • All Praxis Options Are Accompanied By No Cost Three (3) Hours Pre-Project Counsel On Each And All Subsequent Projects We Accept
  • All Praxis Options Are Accompanied, No Cost 20% Hrs Post-Project Counsel On Each And All Subsequent Projects We Accept
  • Our Total Liability is 50% of our Fees charged for the product

Continuing with us is based on results. There are no yearly contracts to sign; your commitment is only month-to month, or project to project. This program is only good if it's helping you; therefore, you may exit this program at any time.


" Why such long descriptions"

On this site our descriptions are longer than many others, primarily because we know what we can do and it is the declaration provides a clear indication of our capabilities, the value we exchange and what the ethics and standards that we should be held to are.

These are statements, that tell you who we are, what we do, why we do it, who are our customers. We tell you how much it is likely to cost us and you (because it becomes our project, as we have a stake in the anticipated success of the project that you have entrusted to us.

Target Demographic

Additionally, our demographic at all levels, require details for their decisions as well as warranties. We need to use suffieicnt words to communicate the information for a easier understanding.



We don't issue disclaimers. We stand on our word and are accountable for our counsel and direction to 50% of the value of the fees we charge As Muslims involved in business and technology consulting, we rely completely on the tenets of Islam to determine our praxis and counsel, our business relationships, our products and our associates. Islam is its own culture, a way of life, a form of government, a social structure, as well as a regulatory norm for the full range of human and human/other relationships

The conduct of business is no exemption. Our socio-politico-economic-ethico*-moral theories should be consistent with guidance and instruction and the basis of all of them must be one. and when the Creator and His Messenger has made a decision, it is not for Mankind and ins to have an opinion on it


Clear Declarations

First we declare that we don't need or keep any of your personal details. So we will have none to share with any authority or other parties.


How Do We Use Your Service

First we declare that we dont need or keep any of your personal details. So we will have none to share with any authority or other parties.


"We Are A Small Business, Are You Sure We Need Your Service?"

If you are running a business operation with your sights set on growth, viability, success and continuity, it is absolutely essential to your success that the functions performed by such a person be present within your organization from the outset, internally or externally on contract. Creating growth - in the broadest sense of the word - is not optional in our ever-changing world of commerce and industry it is a key requirement!

So You are Small Business?

So called “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are very often confronted with the same problems that plague larger companies and multi-national corporations in both cause and targeted identified solutions, the only difference is in degree and access to resources, based on time served and connections.

Why You Need Us

We bring skills, expertise, experience that may be lacking in your business or your decision making process. We Have Different Solutions Suite and we do stagings that provide the raised bar on performance for your company that allows you to achieve faster concept to target implementation.

Proprietary Solutions Based On The Available Standards

We get you the (A) Deal; (B) Agreement; (C) Customer; (D); Market; (E) Product; (F) Company; (G) Partner, (H) Opportunity;(I) Strategy On Duty, On Requirements, On Time On Cost, First Time.


"How Do We Engage You?"

Our Engagement Commences when we meet with the person or groups responsible for the new directions. Our implementation takes place in three phases in which we use proprietary methods and public data to create and develop proprietary solutions for your operations, at whatever stage of the development cycle you are when we meet.

CEO |"Mentorship"

Planning and not just plans, wishing is not a business function, facilitation, financing, mentorship is not a part of the Literature. That they are critical and their absence are among the critical warnings signs in the first year heralding failing operations is an unspoken secret and knowing that they are necessary is easier than identifying and selecting them.

CEO |"Associations"

There are two association nuggets, one is to keep company only with persons who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. The second is to NOT avoid those who would do the same with you, because to others who you seek, you are as they are

Business Consultant

Consultants are usally in possession of needed expertise and independence As a business consultant you can choose to specialize. [Business Consultant];

CEO| Management Consultant

As a management consultant, You also be an adviser, coach, project manager and trainer. Consulting offers many options. [Management Consultant];

CEO| Technical Writer

Write user, Procedures and technical manuals that instruct and describe step-by-step, how to use anyting. [Tecnical Writer];

CEO| Book Editor

Editors generally fall into two categories copy editors and acquisitions editors, one edits authors book the other purchase books for publishing bouses. [Book Editor];

CEO| Career Coach

Help others to retrain do additional services such leading career training programs, or providing services for corporations. [Career Coach];

CEO| Public Relations

Public Relations offers many benefits,Chief among theme, being self-employment and negotiable salaries. [Public Relations];

CEO| Innoventneur

Innovate and many become entrepreneurs when they develop ideans up with ideas for exciting new products. [Innoventneur];

CEO| Event Planner

Become an event planner,aka, meeting planner, evets coordinatior, or evets organizer and start your own company. [ Event Planner];

CEO| Public Speaker

If you have extraordinary turn-around experiences and a passion for speaking and sharing you can be a speaker. [Public Speaker];

CEO| Human Resources Professional

Human resources specialists are the critical productive links between owners and staff. [HR Professional];

CEO| Advertising Copywriter

See and be paid for the results of your creativity-on television, in magazines, on billoboards, andelsewhres. [Advertising Copywriter];

CEO| Freelance Writer

Become a freelance writer and see your work in print. The type of writing your depends. [Freelance Writer];

CEO| Business Coach

A Career as a business coach allows the freedom of chosing the types of clients, remuneration and expertise. [Business Coach];

CEO| Corporate Trainer

Corporate Trainers assist moving personal and corporate downtime and transform do-nothing feelings into productive energy. [Corporate Trainer];

CEO| Coffeee Franchisor

Learn, manager, operate andearn the opportunity to perticipate in an exciting new franchise. [Coffee Franchisor];

CEO| Motivational Speaker

Get a vision of your self with new skillsets that could establish you on a path to be the next great team leader in your industry.. [Motivational Speaker];

CEO| Virtual Assistant

Start where you can providing invaluable support, work from home and enter the industry on your terms at your pace. [Virtual Assistant];

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IKRIMAHPLC controls these sites from its offices in Singapore. You agree that any action proceeding, or other matters relating to your access to, or use of, the information on these sites shall be governed by Islamic Laws and permissible Singapore law. Here you choose (a) compliance and confidence with follow-up and support; (b) fact-based relationships with stakeholders to enable a business value on the buy and sell sides of the relationships; (c) optimize your time and resources to increase efficiencies, while reducing costs, and enhancing ROI; (d) you recieve deliverables on time, On specifications, on cost, first time. This praxis is only good if it's helping you: CEO. IKRIMAHPLC