"Fixed Cost, Fixed Time, On Terms, On Time, First Time"


  • IKRIMA | No Narrow Industry Focus!

    Our competence bridges the gap in a group of processes and quality mission critical needs and resource specific practices which are the stock in trade of individuals, businesses, industries and countries.

    These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at; things they are not sure how to do; things they are not sure if they're dong right; things they don't like doing; things they are good at, but it's no longer profitable to do and the things that you are good at, but just cannot do now.

  • IBOT | Islamic Biz Internet Of Things

    Our focus is not on technology. Instead we extract key business metrics and ask what technologies are suitable to deliver the business mission. Mission critical systems integration is now a key factor in operations strategy and is a competitive advantage in computing, technology and telecommunications.

    Technology adoption should be the business means to a business end with the ability to translate the dollar technology into business profitability.

  • UX/APPs | IOS/Android/Windows

    A markedly differentiated and inspired graphically designed future looking, mobile Productivity, Business, Web APPS and Landing Pages for for your internet devices and internet businesses are avalable professionally in Standard, Premium and Chartered Implementations.

    Permissible options to make your dollar investments in new technology achieve the anticipated gains.

  • ISLAM | Businesses' Best Practise

    (1) Common Islamic Standard based on Halal & Tayib;

    (2) Businesses' best practice based on Islam;

    (3) Accessible scalable Muslim managed conceptualised and delivered suite of counsel in business development, permissable technologies and business practices;

    (4) Shared vision from risks framed in common terms, through shared costs and collaborative action that optimises shared opportunities for shared benefits.

  • FEES | "The Duty After The Duty"

    “ If one of the dirhams used to buy a cloth is tainted the Salah is unacceptable as long as the cloth is worn” (Musnad Ahmad).

    We intend to achieve and maintain an Islamic morally respected position in our addressed market segments in terms of customer satisfaction, product utility, innovation and being a prosper thy neighbour operator (iA)

  • ADHAB | Right Conduct/Common Terms

    Let's come to common terms between you and us on intent, process, product, execution and outcome!

    Our practice is an Islamic click and mortar cross-disciplinary techno-solution consulting alternative in the next step custom business and resource development solutions niche for individuals and enterprises, which spans Management Consulting, Technology Innovation and Country Capacity Development, in selected regions.

  • COUNSEL | Chartered & Comissioned

    This is the GoNoGo solution you needed.

    "Wing.Ceo" (03.Days) Travelling-Counsel; resolve Ambiguities; remove Blockages; un-Stick Deals!

    "Commisioned Consul" (10.Days) Agreement(s) & 1 month project managed transaction!

    "Special Projects Factor" (03-45.Days) Relationships & 3 months project managed transactions!

    "Chartered Envoy" (90.Days) Get the (1) Opportunity; (2) Product; (3) Market; (4) Partner; (5) Service!

  • GUIDANCE | We Hear & Obey

    The Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) said: “The feet of a servant will not move on the Day of Judgment until he has been questioned by Allah(swt) about four things: his LIFE- how he spent it, his KNOWLEDGE- how he acted upon it, his WEALTH - where he earned it and how he spent it, and his BODY - how he used it..

  • "RIBA-FREE" | Business & Project SOIs

    Free from Riba Business Statement Of Intent (SOIs) and Project Statements Of Intent (SOIs). Two different documents, Busines Statements Of Intents and business Proposal Statement Of Intent; each for a distinct purpose. Be sure you request the right document.

    If you think a Consultant-Assistance/Support is expensive, wait until you do the math on doing it by yourself

  • NATION | Business State.CO

    Get a grip on performance and prepare your teams for successful mission execution with Just in time desk-side advice, on-site, off-site, off-shore or blended.

    "Performance" Achieve At Performance & Mission!

    "Mission" Succeed At Mission

    "Expectations" Exceed At Expectations!

    "Term Limits" Consolidate With Constituent Buy-In!

    "Strategy" Prep Delegations In/Out and Forward Teams!

    "Accountability" Perform & Transform!

    "Legacy" Build Centers Of Excellences and Succession!

  • COUNTRY | Capability & Capacity

    These are chartered "cleared" highest executive level representational, strategic services required by governing entities that need an edge in the location they have identified, or with a new partner to build capability for a Service Delivery Option they are under-resourced to supply.

    If you think related Consultantancy is expensive, wait until you do the math on your culture and skills-challenged team you asked to do it right first time.

Welcome To Ikrimahplc

Managing Expectations

Among us we think biggest problem for clients is accepting there is a problem, thereafter the degree of difficulty decreases exponentially to, locating and identifying, framing and articulating it and then its acceptance. We assist in adding the colour to your business vision/mission, we have the tools support that make the pursuit easier and the concept to fulfilment more assured.

Getting off on the right foot requires a verifiable and proven plan. This program is only good if it's helping you and you may exit any time. Continuing with us is based on results. Your commitment is only month-to month, commission to commission or project to project. We are Counsels in ideas, capacity, capability, opportunities and development. Our practise is a solution to your stuck-deals, decision-making trade-offs and shortcuts in high ambiguity settings that eases your anxieties over uncertainties with the Go-No-Go, Do-No-Do intelligence that you needed about that Location/Market/Partner/Opportunity, but which you could not afford because of the challenge of costs, time and skill-resource..

Common Terms

By agreement we become the chartered team member that represents you for the exact purpose that you agreed and whom you use to ensure you benefit from your private opportunities, build your business capability and your country capacity and better governance practise to scale and transition. A wish is not a viable business strategy.. Read More...

Private | Opportunity

At the private level the business intention is to (a) engage in halal professions and business activities; (b) Facilitate seamless transitions from conventional business practices to Islam Compliant Practices; (c) Be a catalyst in the enhancement of permissible businesses from concept to product delivery and customer satisfaction. Read More...

Corporate | Capability

At the corporate level the business intention is to (a) participate in a system that facilitates such individual efforts in our community; (b) research, establish, support, promote compliant Businesses activities that expands the owner manager pool of permissible entrepreneurs; (d) transition and convert conventional business to compliance; (e) mediate diverse cultural issues; (f) be a bridge-builder and facilitator in trade, commerce and business relations using best practices in Islam Read More...

Nation/State | Capacity

At the greater collective level we are at the vanguard of establishing, maintaining a Businesses Best Practice, based on Islam. Newly independent nations and countries are now directing their affairs and seeking renewed mutually beneficial collaborations and opportunities for country/country ventures and investments without the headaches and humbug abound and you need a coherent strategy to engage and interpret changing new international business. The right partners in the right places are always the right opportunities to be sought and we have affiliates in the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Middle East and Russia and can leverage opportunities and smooth over relations in ways others may find most difficult. .. Read More...

Operations | Permissibility

Our business practice is a Permanent Musharaka Partnership. This mode is represented in the contribution of our board as partners to equal or unequal ratios of capital or non-capital resources to establish new projects/commissions or to participate in established ones, whereby each participant owns a share in the capital permanently and deserves a share of the profit. The partnership is intended to continue up to the dissolution of the company. It is possible for one reason or another for one of the partners sells its share in the capital to withdraw from any project/commission.

IKRIMAHPLC controls these sites from offices in Singapore. You agree that any action proceeding, or other matters relating to your access to, or use of, the information on these sites shall be governed by Islamic Laws and permissible Singapore law. Here you choose (a) compliance and support; (b) fact-based relationships with stakeholders to enable a business value on the buy and sell sides of relationships; (c) to optimize your time and resources to increase efficiencies, while reducing costs, and enhancing ROI; (d) Deliverables are on time, on requirements, on cost, first time with no-hidden agendas, no "fine print", no "disclaimers" and no "annual contracts". This practice is only functional if it is helping you. Read More...

Service Charter | Acceptability

We take our calling and our clients satisfaction personally, and commit in Islam, to the provision of "satisfactory solutions first time, on time, on budget on requirements". We provide scalable customer, and needs-driven consulting and value-added services. and strategically ally ourselves, with approved individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments for the purpose of improving performance and sustaining efficiency and profitability.

On "Fixed Cost, Fixed Time, On Terms, On Time, First Time", we synthesize publicly available data, human resource, business objectives, technology inputs and right guidance to output proprietary next step core competencies to assist individuals, organizations and governments to adopt and institute custom better change proficient business practices, strategies and resource management methodologies to develop social and economic value in product, service and opportunities. . Read More...

Deliverable | User-usability

Value-dense on the buy and sell side, permissible and proprietary user-usable Economic and Social Value Foresight, Services, Products, Personages and Opportunities user-usable products, developed directly from utilizing new and novel ways of engaging public data, knowledge and technology at the margins which also yields "a reigning-in of disruptions, an exploitations of discontinuities and debunking of orthodoxy” based solely on the deliverables' utility to our demographic and in a mode of service delivery which partners the community and best-fits the prospect.

Our Deliverables seeks to foster decision making enhance lifestyles, empower prospects be of good report and delivered in the service and product units and volumes needed at the rates agreed as we expand targeted segments incrementally, methodically and establish and manage the progress of process and project, using proprietary metrics, applicable assessment criteria and realizable milestones in an ongoing organic cycle of re-evaluation and validation implementation. . Read More...

Situation Scenario

Situation Proposition

(a) Transition your operations to a new level of profitability; (b) Smooth over and benefit from disruptions and discontinuities; (c) Earn the expected ROI on technology adoption; (d) Re-evaluate the new hires or the services you have outsourced; (e) Change your career from just “work”; (e) Identify and claim opportunities; (f) Benefit from transfers, retrenchment re-structuring exercises. .. Read More...

We Know Business Needs

These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at or, the things they are not sure how to do or they are not sure if they're doing it right or just the things they don't like doing or even some of the things they are good at - but it's no longer profitable to do it., or even some of the things that you are good at, but just cannot do now. CEO.IKRIMAHPLC .. ...... Read More...

We Understand IT

In this practice we assist technology companies integrate business in their operations and help business operations include and integrate technology in their operations for their mission critical deliverables..... Read More...

We Do The Duty After The Duty

"If one of ten Dirhams used to Select a cloth is tainted the Salah is unacceptable as long as the cloth is worn."(Musnad Ahmad).. ....... Read More...

Why You Choose US

Provide differentiating experience for everyone; Call all to common terms and right conduct. We ask smarter, questions and you can question the answers....... Read More...

How You Pay US

Normal and Custom Rates are based on any configuration the cost in Grammes of 999 Purity Gold (PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency....... Read More...

Announcements | IkrimahPlc

ID29411 | USD$5M

BRAND is New Paradigm in Business, Coffee, Franchising and New Bar-raising Venture with increasing Value-Creation features in product, method, associations and opportunities, because you are tired of the mystery brews and bitter coffee and because "ordinary is not enough... Read More...

These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at, or the things they are not sure how to do, or they are not sure if they're dong it right, or the things they don't like doing, or some of the things they are good at, but it's no longer profitable to do it, or some of the things that they are good at, but just cannot do now.

compliant funding

Islam is its own culture, a way of life, a form of government, a social structure, as well as a regulatory norm for the full range of human and human/other relationships. The correct way is clear from the others. Which of the Mercies Of Your Lord(swt) can you deny?.

SHARIA | Compliant Businesses Best Practice
Islamic Funding Structures And Financing Alternative


Ijara Wa Iktina: Equivalent to the leasing and installment-loan, hire-purchase, practices that put millions of drivers on the road each year.

These techniques as applied by Islamic banks include the requirement that the leased items be used productively and in ways permitted by Islamic law..


Muqarada: This technique allows a bank to float what are effectively Islamic bonds to finance a specific project. Investors

Editors Note

Please note that our representation here is neither to seen or accepted as guidance, acceptance, or recommendation. but Rather it is EXISTENCE. We share this information here, with the intention that the community is informed of the existence of this product, which some Muslims (and others do not) accept as compliant. For our part, we do not participate in this product.

SHARIA | Compliant Businesses Best Practice
Islamic Funding Structures And Financing Alternative


This implies a contract between two parties whereby one party, the rabb al-mal (beneficial owner or the sleeping partner), entrusts money to the other party called the mudarib (managing trustee or the labour partner). The mudarib is to utilise it in an agreed manner and then returns to the rabb al-mal the principal and the pre-agreed share of the profit. He keeps for himself what remains of such profits

SHARIA | Compliant Businesses Best Practice
Islamic Funding Structures And Financing Alternative


Musharaka: A partnership, normally of limited duration for a specific project, similar to a joint venture and is also regarded by some as the purest form of Islamic financial instrument, since it conforms to the underlying partnership principles of sharing in, and benefiting from risk. Participation in a musharaka can either be in a new project, or by providing additional funds for an existing one. Profits are divided on a pre-determined basis, and losses shared in proportion to the capital contribution.

SHARIA | Compliant Businesses Best Practise
Islamic Funding Structures And Financing Alternative


A form of credit that enables customers to make a purchase without having to take out an interest-bearing loan. The bank buys an item and sells it to the customer on a deferred basis. The price includes a profit margin agreed by both parties. Repayment, usually in installments, is specified in the contract. Murabahah has become a most popular financing technique among Islamic banks, used for consumer finance, real estate, the purchase of machinery and for financing short-term trade.

SHARIA | Compliant Businesses Best Practice
Islamic Funding Structures And Financing Alternative


Salam is a sale whereby the seller undertakes to supply some specific goods to the buyer at a future date in exchange for an advanced price fully paid on the spot. Here the price is paid in cash, but the supply of the purchased goods is deferred. The buyer is called "rabb-us-Salam", the seller is "Muslam ilaih", the cash price is "ra's-ul-mal", and the purchased commodity is termed as "muslam fih", but for the purpose of simplicity, I shall use the English synonyms of these terms.

SHARIA | Compliant Businesses Best Practice


The majority of the jurists consider Istisna'a as one of the divisions of Salam, therefore it is subsumed under the definition of Salam. But the Hanafite school of jurisprudence makes Istisna'a an independent and distinct contract. The jurists of the Hanafite school have given various definitions to Istisna'a, some of which are: "That it is a contract with a manufacturer to make something" and "It is a contract on a commodity on liability with the proviso of work". The purchaser is called "mustasnia" contractor and the seller is called "sania" maker or manufacturer and the thing is called "masnooa" "manufactured, built, made"

SHARIA | Compliant Businesses Best Practise
Islamic Agency/Proxy Alternative


The majority of the jurists consider WAKALA'a as one of the divisions of Salam, therefore it is subsumed under the definition of Salam. But the Hanafite school of jurisprudence makes WAKALA'a an independent and distinct contract. The jurists of the Hanafite school have given various definitions to WAKALA'a, some of which are: "That it is a contract with a manufacturer to make something" and "It is a contract on a commodity on liability with the proviso of work".

core team

Getting off on the right foot requires a proven plan. We do stagings that provide the raised bar on performance for your company that allows you to achieve faster concept to target implementation. We may be your best option in finding the best-fitting solution in the shortest possible time at a fixed price the first time.








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The test among Muslims to maintain the the instructions of Islam is ongoing throughout the Muslim world. It is a surmountable challenge seeking to link the fundamentals of a glorious past with a future that offers sure rewards unalterable by any present difficulties.













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Committment to Guidance in Islam and Sharia compliance to meet the challenges of operating in a testing, dynamic and competitive environment.