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Accountant/Secretarial Service

  • Shaick Fakrudeen
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Financial Service

  • Standard Chartered Bank
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Based On Islamic Instruction

Evidence Of Instruction

Allah (swt) has decreed some obligations; do not neglect them; Allah (swt) has forbidden others; abstain from them; Allah (swt) has established some boundaries, do not violate them. Every Action is based on an Instruction. Every Action not Instructed is rejected.

This site represents the practice of a revert to Islam, who has determined to practice what he knows, and assist others in this regard, as the duty of his profession, and which he could not see a better calling.


Conventional | Islam

Our business practice is a Permanent Musharaka Partnership This mode is represented in the contribution of the our board as partners to equal or unequal ratios of capital to establish a new project or to participate in an established one, whereby each participant owns a share in the capital permanently and deserves his or her share of the profit. The partnership originally is intended to continue up to the dissolution of the company. But it is possible for one reason or another for one of the partners sells its share in the capital to withdraw from the project.

Our compliant operations by intention are based on Musharaka of permanent partnership which engages the customer base as a character, labour and asset operations until it is concluded by subsequent agreement or otherwise.

FORMATION | Existence & Operation Rules

Company was capitalized and formed without debt. Risks, Gain, Losses and Profits are shared by agreement. Company has no debt.

STATUS | Partners

The partners can contract and are the persons with debt.


Truly many are the partners (in business) who wrong each other: Not so do those who believe And work deeds of righteousness | Saad 24

IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD SGP | Evidence Of Legality

UEN # 200101192 E | Islamic Business & Information Technology Consultancy, (Import/Export)

  • 1. The legality of a partnership is evident from: They share in a third Saad 24 Truly many are the partners (in business) who wrong each others: Not so do those who believe, And work deeds of righteousness. Saad 24
  • 2. It was reported in the Hadith from the Prophet (PBUH), said Allah sayeth: ""I am the third of the two partners, unless either of them betrays his friend, I withdraw from between them".

BUSINESS | Evidence Of Instruction

Asked 'what form of gain is the best? [the Prophet] said, 'A man's work with his hands, and every legitimate sale'. (Ahmad, No: 1576)

BUSINESS | Trade through Mutual Consent

In our trade, we trade in tangible items and the trade in ideas that produce tangible permissible items

Our products are trade, the development of ideas that facilitate compliant trade.

Taken separately, we trade in capability for pay and we participate in trading activities for pay.

JUST BUSINESS |Evidence Of Instruction

Allah has permitted trading and forbidden Riba (usury). (2:275)


Those are your brothers [workers under you] who are around you, Allah has placed them under you. So, if anyone of you has someone under him, he should feed him out of what he himself eats, clothe him like what he himself puts on, and let him not put so much burden on him that he is not able to bear, [and if that be the case], then lend your help to him. (Bukhari, No: 2359)

TRUST  | Prove Us

Trustworthiness is one of the most important principles of ethical discipline in commercial transactions. Trust is a moral virtue.

O you believers! Do not betray Allah and the Messenger, nor knowingly, betray your trusts. (8:27)

CONSIDERATION | Business Transactions

  • May Allah's mercy be on him who is lenient in his buying, selling, and in demanding back his money [or debts]. (Bukhari, No: 1934)
  • The Prophet (sws) said: 'Give him the best one, for the best amongst you is he who repays the rights of others handsomely'. (Muslim, No: 3002)

CUSTOMERS | Evidence Of Instruction

Islam attaches great importance to the fulfillment of contract and promises. Islamic teachings require a Muslim trader to keep up his trusts, promises and contracts. The basic principles of truth, honesty, integrity and trust are involved in all business dealings

It is narrated by Abu Musa Ashari that the Prophet said: "After the major sins which must be avoided, the greatest sin is that someone dies in a state of debt and leaves behind no asset to pay it off." [Darimi]

  • O you who believe! Fulfil [your] obligations. (5:1)
  • A tradition of the Prophet (sws) states thus:
  • The Muslims are bound by their stipulations. (Abu Da'ud, No: 3120)
  • Another tradition condemns promise-breaking as the hallmark or trait of a hypocrite:
  • If he makes a promise, he breaks it, and if he makes a compact, he acts treacherously. (Bukhari, No: 32)

STRAIGHT TALK | Evidence Of Instruction

Islam encourages truthfulness in business transactions and raises the status of a truthful merchant so much so that he will be at par with the holy warriors and martyrs, in the Hereafter.

The truthful merchant [is rewarded by being ranked] on the Day of Resurrection with prophets, veracious souls, martyrs and pious people. (Tirmidhi, No: 1130)

Leave what makes you doubt for things that do not make you doubt. (Tirmidhi, No: 2442)

The seller and the buyer have the right to keep or return the goods as long as they have not parted or till they part; and if both the parties spoke the truth and described the defects and qualities [of the goods], then they would be blessed in their transaction, and if they told lies or hid something, then the blessings of their transaction would be lost. (Bukhari, No: 1937)


Counsel@ Business & Information Technology(Imp/Exp)

IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD - We are a Muslim-owned and operated Business Management consulting practice registered in, and currently operating from Singapore.

This site represents the intention of our business and personal practice as we reconcile it with Islam which and the culmination of years of conventional Business IT and Resource Management Consultancy, which was finally honed and recalibrated and directed at serving Islam and developing Muslim businesses activities thus making the same expertise available to their community at an affordable rate, but with Islam as the framework for and basis of delivery.

Our intention is offer a service and product to our community that is compliant with “hala”and “tayiib” We offer Muslim oriented alternative solutions in Information Technology, Resource Development Management and Competitive Intelligence to our target clientele. Our practice and products are suitable for both conventional and Islamic operations at different levels of the business life-cycle, be it start-ups, continuing; plateauing, or closing or making alliances.

We accepted the challenge to provide an accessible and scalable Muslim managed, conceptualized and delivered alternative suite of consulting practice solutions in available technologies and business practices that would also be attractive to discerning non-Muslim prospects.


In our core practice we are business, counsels, technology integrators, authorized manufacturers representatives, and we bridge and build relationships between groups in our markets and provide small & medium non-technology personnel companies and non-profits comprising 1-9,999 personnel with affordable, right guided executive-level advice to make informed decisions about technology use in business, and we help technology companies look at the business processes of developing solutions to make informed decisions about business processes in technology related businesses.

Our competence in business solutions and resource management spans the gap in the developmental processes and quality mission critical practices which are the stock in trade of individuals, business, industries, and countries. In our co-core operations, we act as manufacturers representatives, strategic distributors of lifestyle products, like electronics, technology products and water products. It is in this capacity that we provide our brand of atmospheric water products in selected regions of the Caribbean, South East Asia, parts of Oceana, parts of the Middle-East and the OIC Countries.

Muslim Challenge In Business

We accepted that Muslim challenge in business “According to Abdullah ibn Masud, Radi-Allahu unhu, The Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said: 'Seeking halal earning is a duty after the duty.

In other words working to earn a halal living is itself a religious obligation second in importance after the primary religious obligations like prayers, fasting and hajj” and it is personal and business intention to provide such necessary compliant services for ourselves and others prospects that seek these services and in so doing leverage commonalities to bridge and build relationships between disparate communities.

Islamic Business Model

The model represents, conventional risks and difficulties. Some are presented by anti-lifestyle nothing-else-to-detractors, from inside and outside of the lifestyle whose sole intention is to follow others they don’t know, ask others who do not know them to like them and share all aspects of a lifestyle that are even non-exciting to themselves.

Lean Flat Organization

We operate a flat organization. This concept and practice is a considered and strategic position, while the company determines suitable alliances, and channels, as well as the best way to offer its practice against the unique obstacles presented by the hostile environment to our orientation and community. Our lean business model, determines that just-in-time costs coincides with just in time incomes.

What We Do For You

Bring skills, expertise, experience that may be lacking in your business or your decision making process. We may Used on a short-term basis to improve performance, or on an as-needed basis. The Counsel-as-coach can be a useful model for developing a knowledge base of “How To”, “When and Where To” and “Who With”

These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at or, the things they are not sure how to do or they are not sure if you're doing it right or just the things they don't like doing or even some of the things they are good at - but it's no longer profitable to do it., or even some of the things that you are good at, but just cannot do now..

What We Fix

Factory Moves; Government Spec Projects; Management Issues; Fixing Overhead Costs; Win/Win/Win Issues; New Partner Acquisition; Lack Of Talent; Board Advisory; Stuck Deals; Business Continuity; Missed Opportunities; Technical Documentation; Key Decisions; Choosing The Right Business; Rapid Growth Issues; Starting A Business; Rapid Slide Issues; Rebooting A Business; Delayed Projects; Closing/Exiting A Business; Expert Stand-Ins Rapid Staff Turn-Over; Closed Markets; Limited Budget; Factory Moves; Staff; Recruitment/Training; Factory Organizations; Competitor Information; Expansion Issues; Which Country/Market/Office.

Proprietary PlcSolutions We Get You



Faith Based Business Praxis

A NEW and BETTER BEGINNING A NEW and BETTER BEGINNING We were conceptualized in 2000 and finally launched in 2001, as a wholly owned and operated Islamic business consultancy, under the name Consulticorps Global Pte. Ltd. We traversed the name spectrum, in a bold attempt to find what fits and chose IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD as the next descriptive name, until we decided that we should name the operations after the principal in bid to ensure that an human was accountable and not a man-made entity and so we ended with IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD as the final name for the practise. We offered the same solutions to our prospects, through the lead consultant, who had spent years in the practice of delivering broad based and multi-disciplinary business consultation in conventional business and IT consulting. Since then we have found that this line of business process is both rare and avoided - we have forged on nonetheless, because we are convinced of the rightness of our actions, insha Allah, and we know our obligations..

Since then we have found that this line of business process is both rare and avoided - we have forged on nonetheless, because we are convinced of the rightness of our actions, insha Allah, and we know our obligations.


Islah | Dawah | Duty After The Duty

Our practise was developed on the principles of doing dawah through business on three principles:

  • 1. The need to provide an accessible and scalable Muslim managed, conceptualised and delivered alternative suite of consulting practice solutions in available technologies and business practices that would also be attractive to discerning non-Muslim prospects;
  • 2. To Islam-aware Muslims to the requirements and need for Muslims to conduct their affairs along Islamic Share'eah Laws;
  • 3. To educate Non-Muslims to Share'eah compliant services for Muslims.



We are convinced of, our beliefs, and that we are doing what we know. We move on strengthened by the awareness that we remain a viable solution to be found as the alternative by both discerning conventional business prospects, as well as our Muslim prospects and we know.


Islamic Adabs Of Khidmat

We provide our solutions against the background of the Islamic Aadaabs Of Khidmat (Service To Others) of which there are three conditions of Kidmaat, viz. Sincerity: The motive of rendering the service must be nothing other than Muhabbat (affection). Congeniality: The hearts of the Khaadim (the one who renders the service) and the Makhdoom (the one who is being served) should be at one. There should be congeniality (Munaasabat) between them. They should not be strangers. Ability: The Khaadim should know how to render the service he is to undertake. | CEO.IKRIMAH - In Other Words We Will Not Take The Project Unless We Can Deliver. {iA}


Mission Critical Issues

We do not limit our practice to a narrow industry focus. We are specialists in business, and our competence bridges the gap in a select group of processes, and quality mission critical practices which are the stock in trade of individuals business, industries and governments. They are therefore not industry specific services, but human specific.

Our work includes mission critical practices which are integral to the activities of individuals, business, industries, and countries including, and it is those processes that is our practice. Whether the focus is on strategy or operations, on organizational change or technological integration, product acquisition or agent and intermediary we can assist our clients improve their products and services, their business relationships, and their bottom line economics.


Adaptive & Agile

We are right-sized and diversified, we can minimize "blockage" issues. In other words, because our work spans many industries, fewer companies in a given industry will be off-limits to us.



Continuing with us is based on results. There are no yearly contracts to sign; your commitment is only month-to month, or project to project.

This program is only good if it's helping you; therefore, you may exit this program at any time..


We Don't Do Disclaimers

We stand on our word and are accountable for our counsel and direction to 50% of the value of the fees we charge As Muslims involved in business and technology consulting, we rely completely on the tenets of Islam to determine our praxis and counsel, our business relationships, our products and our associates.

Islam is its own culture, a way of life, a form of government, a social structure, as well as a regulatory norm for the full range of human and human/other relationships The conduct of business is no exemption.

Our socio-politico-economic-ethico*-moral theories should be consistent with guidance and instruction and the basis of all of them must be one. and when the Creator and His Messenger has made a decision, it is not for Mankind and ins to have an opinion on it


All offers and fee bids, etc, by IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. and all contracts concluded with a Client shall be subject to and shall incorporate these terms and conditions. No amendment or variation to these terms and conditions shall be binding on IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. unless in writing signed by a director of IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. and a duly authorized officer of the Client.

These terms and conditions supersede all other.


At the personal level the obligation is to (a) engage in halal professions and business activities. (b) Facilitate seamless transitions from conventional business practices to a Islam Compliant Practices; (c) Be a catalyst in the enhancement of permissible lifestyle businesses from concept to product delivery, and customer satisfaction.


At the corporate level the obligation is to seek to (a) establish a system that facilitates such individual efforts and discourage their opposites in our community; (b) research, establish, and support, promote compliant Businesses activities; (c) increase the successful small to medium owner managers pool of entrepreneurs (d) transition and convert conventional business to compliance; (e) be an intermediary between diverse cultures; (f) be a bridge-builder facilitator in trade, commerce and business relations, on a best practices of Islam


At the greater collective level we intend to be in the vanguard of establishing, maintaining and propagating Businesses Best Practice, based on Islam


These Terms of Business are deemed to be known and accepted by the Client by virtue of an Introduction to, or the Engagement of an Applicant.

No variation or alteration of these Terms of Business shall be valid unless approved in writing by the Company IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd.


IkrimahPlc shall execute his/her duties, as defined in the scope of works, with reasonable skill, care and diligence and perform his obligations faithfully and diligently and in accordance with Islam and the Client Brief; shall use its best endeavors to seek the interests of the Client; shall carry out and complete the services within the period stated in the engagement agreement; We shall only undertake works that are within their field of expertise.


The project brief should be a description of the project to be undertaken by the client. It will be an overview of the whole project, not only the work to be undertaken by the COUNSEL. The Description of the project and the client's overall objectives.

The Client Brief, which will form part of the Project Brief, will be produced by the client after discussions between the client and the COUNSEL.

It will define the company's standards to which the work should be executed and the overall IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. policy.


The project scope details the work to be carried out by the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL as described in the project brief. An agreed schedule of works and detailed programme should be prepared. The different areas or stages in the schedule may be priced.

This will assist us in agreeing to the value of any variations which may occur over the course of the project


These Terms of Business are deemed to be accepted by the Client by virtue of an Introduction to, or the Engagement of an Applicant.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, these Terms of Business shall prevail over any other terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by the Client.

No variation or alteration of these Terms of Business shall be valid unless approved in writing by the Company.

Fees and charges are in all matter/issue/projects quoted exclusive of Taxes. IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL liabilities in relation to the duties performed shall be limited as follows:


The Client will provide the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL with all relevant information; to enable IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL to execute his/her duties; The Client will provide the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL with reasonable access to the premises if any that needs are being assessed; The Client will co-operate fully with IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL ; The Client will respond promptly to requests for additional information; Complete payment for the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL services as per agreement


Payment schedules and methods may be agreed through negotiations between the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL and the Client.

Payments may be related to time periods, milestones or completion of the works.

Clients will be invoiced by the auditor/consultant in accordance with the agreed method.

The method of payment will be included in the engagement agreement with the agreed method for calculation of variations to the project brief/budget.

The payment of invoiced moneys due to the COUNSEL shall be paid within 7 days from the date of receipt of the invoice by the Client unless otherwise agreed in writing.


The fees contained within the scope of works and the engagement agreement should specify the inclusion or exclusion of expenditure relating to; counsel fees, travel expenses, accommodation expert fees as per agreement; reasonable travel and hotel expenses, (including mileage for car travel at a specified rate; postage/courier charge; obtaining copies of plans; GST, where applicable


The IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL agrees to treat as confidential and not disclose or permit to be disclosed to any person or otherwise make use of or permit to be made use of any information in relation to the Client's.


Any notice required by this agreement to be given by either party to the other shall be in writing and shall be served by sending the same by registered post or recorded delivery to the last known address of the other party and any receipt issued by the postal authorities shall be conclusive evidence of the fact and date of posting such a notice.


1. Includes; 2. The Parties to the Agreement; 3. Client Name and Business Name and Particulars; 4. Company ID Number if any; 5. TAX Registration Number; 6. COUNSEL Name; 7. COUNSEL Business Address; 8. COUNSEL Company Number; 9. COUNSEL Company Tax Registration Number; 10. Project Value; 11. Project Commencement Date; 12. Project Completion Date; 13. Signatories; 14. Date


The Clients may not make any alterations to any reports or other documentation prepared by the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL without prior consent in writing from the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL


Either party shall be entitled to terminate the contract if; the other party is in breach of this contract for a period exceeding 7 days after the breach has been communicated in writing to him or her


Ikrimahplc Pte Ltd is registered in and operating from offices located in Singapore with just-in-time international project teams.

Other named businesses and entities are paid and independent service providers in their own right and our relationships are based on our right conduct.


Compliance and confidence with follow-up and support; Fact-based relationships with stakeholders to enable a business value on the buy and sell-sides of the organization; Optimize time and resources, increase efficiency, while reducing costs, and enhanced ROI; A "GoTo" Source Of Reliable Reliable Options and Opportunities;

We assist in the growth of your company and support your permissible leadership efforts.

Getting off on the right foot requires a proven game plan.

Continuing with us is based on results.


We affirm to build a Shared Vision and with a Common Language, developing Value through Collaborative Action, which Accelerates and fosters Innovation, and catalyses shared profit-enabled modes


Agreed Deliverables in faster concept to implementation of compliant user usable solutions in ideas, products, services and opportunities, on duty, on time, on requirements, on budget, first time.


  • A Meeting
  • A Common Frame Of Reference on what is required; what we provide; the value exchange
  • A Signed Agreement With Deliverables, Timelines, Duration and Authority To Proceed
  • Mobilization Fees and Commitment Fees and Project Fees when earned and due
  • Other Custom Terms to be added based on service, product etc.


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IKRIMAHPLC controls these sites from its offices in Singapore. You agree that any action proceeding, or other matters relating to your access to, or use of, the information on these sites shall be governed by Islamic Laws and permissible Singapore law. Here you choose (a) compliance and confidence with follow-up and support; (b) fact-based relationships with stakeholders to enable a business value on the buy and sell sides of the relationships; (c) optimize your time and resources to increase efficiencies, while reducing costs, and enhancing ROI; (d) you recieve deliverables on time, On specifications, on cost, first time. This praxis is only good if it's helping you: CEO. IKRIMAHPLC