Our Practice

IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD - shall perform the Services with all reasonable skill, care and diligence, but no liability shall attach to IKRIMAHPLC PTE. LTD. in respect of the Services except such liability as is limited to the level of the fees associated with the Services

IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD liability shall be limited to that proportion of any loss or damage suffered by the Client as it would be just and equitable for IKRIMAHPLC PTE. LTD. to pay having regard to the extent of IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD responsibility for the same and on the basis that all other persons liable for the same damage shall be deemed to have paid to the Client such proportion which it would be just and equitable for them to pay having regard to the extent of their responsibility.

IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD. shall be entitled to render invoices fortnightly unless otherwise agreed in writing. Each invoice is to be paid within 7 days of its date. The Client shall pay all invoices without deduction, set-off, abatement or counter-claim.

If the Client disputes in good faith that any item set out in IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD. invoice is due, the Client shall give notice in writing within 3 days of the date of such invoice stating the reason for such dispute. The Client shall nevertheless pay all items which he does not so dispute. If no such notice is given, it shall be deemed that an invoice has been accepted by the Client in full. IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD. and the Client shall immediately use their best endeavors to agree to the amount of any disputed item


Your Contact

We will designate a member of IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD. to be your primary contact, and responsible for the delivery of our services to you. This member will keep you informed of progress on the issues we are handling for you.


Office Hours

Our office hours are normally from 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday to Monday. However, if these hours are inconvenient for you, we are perfectly willing to meet you outside of these hours by arrangement. .



Meetings may be held in designated room at our office, or at another location to better suit your convenience. Please leave a message for your Mustahaaaru consultant outside our office hours or when they are otherwise engaged, or alternatively you may use IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD.'s online options.


Professional Fees

We are usually paid in three phases (a) Committtment Fees; (b) Continuance; (c) Closing Fees, or as agreed on deliverables

Our charges are generally based on hourly or project rates. In some matter/issue/projects we may agree on another formula for calculating charges.

We may adjust our fees to reflect the value and skill we bring by delivering an innovative solution or the special responsibility or urgency of the matter. We may also adjust our fees to reflect the benefits of our previous work products or precedents. Hourly rates vary according to the type of work and experience of the person performing the work.

Certain types of work, may be performed for fixed fees according to prescribed schedules.

If we agree on a fixed fee and the scope of the work increases beyond the basis of your original instructions, charges for the additional work will be based on the normal hourly rates of the practitioners involved.


Standards & Minimums

Each year, we present here our Standard and Minimums Practice Engagement Rates and Costs for working with clients. This is your investment, and ours as well. The rates include consultant and technician charges per Man days and Man hours, plus provision for general telephone consultancy support overheads and all other costs, except for project specific travel and subsistence, and any special project equipment.

In your requests for a quotation, we provide quotes on the costs to provide that service only, not the rates prevalent in your country, for similar services. This is, in essence, what produces such a significant difference in the rates and charges, between “US and the Others”, that some prospects have asked about.

Assignments and Consultations are based on needs, not necessarily on days, and may be accommodated by prior arrangement. Our costs are currently denominated Gold Standard @ 4.5 Grammes of 99.99% purity gold as a base. Projects can fetch multiples of that base, depending on speed and requirements Please use conversion scales to determine costs of gold in your currency. The gold standard is used to ensure the best parity, constancy and predictability in value for value across cultures and countries in a volatile economy


Fixed Price, Fixed Costs, Fixed Time

Fixed-price, Fixed-time Fixed outcome - insha Allaah. The fixed-price model enables us to offer quantity and some other discounts on projects in question. Besides, it enables us to use brain-pooling during such projects.

A commitment to our principles, and solutions on a fixed-price, fixed-time basis Allah(swt) willing we commit in Islam to our principles, time frame and cost of delivery.

And we make efforts to keep this fixed-price, fixed-time fixed outcome, on variable inputs approach for our projects. This means we have no incentive to let schedules slide, and do not plan to give credence to projects overrun, and over cost.


Rate Changes

Our charging time starts from when we arrive at your office or meeting place, and finishes, when we leave your office, or place of meeting, or alternatively when we close discussions. We will both know when it commences and ends.

Standard charges, government fees, hourly rates and disbursements are reviewed regularly and may change during the course of our handling of your matters. If they do, the revised rate will apply from the date of the change.



Disbursements generally fall into two categories: payments for services supplied by others and payments for support services supplied by us or our associated entities.

We may charge you for services we supply including photocopying, long distance telephone calls and faxes, and on-line searches.

Disbursements fees are the expenses which we pay or incur on your behalf and are separated from our professional fees. We will bill you for these expenses or ask in advance for funds to cover the disbursements. Our bill will provide an itemized breakdown of all disbursements charged to your account.



IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD . shall be entitled to payment of additional fees and to reimbursement of any expenses and disbursements incurred for any additional work arising out of or in connection with:

  • Changes in the scope or timing of the works undertaken by the Client, whether or not caused by changes of instructions of the Client, or his professional adviser, and/or  
  • Delay, defective performance or insolvency of the Client, his professional adviser, other consultants, contractor or supplier.

Although you may expect to be reimbursed by a third party for our fees and costs, we do not have any recourse against that third party so we must look to you for timely payment, even if payment to you is delayed or not received.

Payment is due on receipt of our invoice. If you do not pay within a reasonable time, we reserve the right to to act in a manner which protects our interest and restrict the possibility of your getting into debt to us..


Billing Arrangements

We issue bills monthly or at discrete stages in the processes. Our bills will set out the total professional fees charged during the relevant period as well as our disbursements on your behalf. If your accounts remain unpaid, we may cease work on your matter after giving you reasonable notice.


Billing Procedures

Billing arrangements may vary within different departments. Arrangements will be dictated by your requirements for a certain matter/issue/project. Most of the files will be billed at monthly intervals, however, billing may be done on a less frequent basis, as required. A final bill may be delivered to you at the completion of your matter/issue/project. If there is any balance remaining in your account, we will naturally refund it to you

Our bills are due for payment when you receive them, and it is expected that we receive payment within 3-7 days. However, if you are experiencing genuine difficulty in paying our bills, please discuss the matter with the consultant on your matter/issue/project, and we will endeavor to assist you with the matter.


Optimizing Costs

We strive to make certain that you get value for our fees . One way of doing that is to help you make our charges as low as possible. Some helpful hints are:

  • Make sure you inform us of what you want us to accomplish. That way we both understand each other, and we can avoid miscommunication.
  • Give us all the facts that you have. Progress can be hindered when trying to find information.
  • If you are engaging our services on behalf of a company or an organization, please allow us to be working with the person with the ability and authority to make decisions. It will save both of us a lot of time.
  • Insist that your supervisors act promptly to meet deadlines.
  • If you need to talk to a consultant, do this in the most efficient way possible. If you need to discuss many things, it would be best to ask for a meeting where we can both use this time effectively. However, if its not an important matter, or if there are not many matters to discuss, a phone call or email will suffice.
  • Keep the meetings as brief as possible, to ensure that you are not charged for unnecessary matters.
  • Prepare for these meetings, and come in with your comments ready, so that no time is wasted. We can better help you if you are clear and concise with your issues. Please ensure that you have all the necessary documents at hand, so that it is not necessary to reschedule another meeting.
  • If you require advice of a preliminary nature, it would be cost effective to do so in a meeting.
  • Also, if you believe that many questions will arise when asking for this advice, a meeting would be the most convenient way to address all your questions.


Retainer Consulting

We may ask you for funds in advance to be held in trust and applied to your account in payment of our fees or disbursements.

On longer assignments,IKRIMAHPLC will quote on a retainer basis where a number of days are reserved to be called off as required.

In this event IKRIMAHPLC will bill on a bimonthly basis or as required by agreement. Days reserved but not taken will not not charged

A Retainer agreement between IKRIMAHPLC and the client states the:

  • periodic fee;
  • the number of consulting hours;
  • type of service covered under the retainer agreement.

Consulting time and services spent beyond retainer agreement will be billed separately.


Basis Of Charges

We understand that our clients need to budget consultant and project costs. We will assist you to make better spending decisions, and therefore enhanced ROI, and we are willing to discuss the basis of our charges and billing procedures.

Our bills are prepared primarily on the basis of the time spent on your issue/matter/project, unless there is another arrangement agreed upon by both parties before the commencement of our working on the matter/issue/project.

Different project responsibilities may have professional fees and hourly rates. This rate is dependent on experience and are reviewed periodically, usually annually. The hourly rate of all fees do not include expenses incurred on your behalf (see Disbursements below).

The time each staff member spends on your matter/issue/project is recorded. A statement out of these bills can be provided to you upon your request.

From time to time we may use certain other types of work which are dependent on or set by guilds and organizations, because it does not conflict with our values and principles and will also result in a just exchange of service for wage in our value given for value received scale.


Fee Estimates

You may request and will receive an overall estimate of the entire fee, including disbursements. This estimate will have to be based on information which the client gives us and our assessment of the work load involved. This is not supposed to be a binding quotation, however we will strive to notify the client of any changes in the fees, and review procedures with them

Where requested, we will provide an estimate of the likely charges, fees and disbursements. The final charges, fees and costs may differ from the estimate if the scope or nature of the matter changes, our role changes or unforeseen circumstances arise. You should therefore view the estimate as our best guess, based on the information you have provided us and any assumptions given, of the cost of our services in the matter. Our estimate is not to be taken as a fee cap or maximum fee. Neither is it a minimum fee; we will always strive to provide our services on time and under budget.

Note however that it is not always possible for our firm to accurately predict fees for future work, and many of our practice options do not lend themselves to fixed fee arrangements, beyond what we supplied in our costs.

When a fixed quote cannot be accurately predicted, you may wish to place a budget on your matter/issue/project. Insha allah we will work diligently on your matter/issue/project up to when the budget is reached, in which matter/issue/project, we will contact you and review your matter/issue/project with you.

You may wish to make a decision on the status of your matter/issue/project at that time.

If you have concerns about the budget, fees or disbursements, or need have a special requirement, please inform us ahead of time. Communication allows us to better work on your matter/issue/project and assist you, knowing what your special needs are.


Quality Of Service

We strive to meet the triple principles of service delivery quality, customer/project requirements, and most importantly to comply at all times with our Islam


Scope Of Work

You control our work by your instructions. Clear, frequent communication is vital to our relationship.

Written instructions are best. Please do not assume that we know particular facts. We need you to tell us all relevant information. We do not want to give advice based on incorrect assumptions.

At the beginning of our client-counsel relationship, we will prepare an engagement letter. This letter defines the scope of our undertaking. We will only undertake tasks set out in that letter or in other communication between us.

Our duty of care is to our client named in the engagement letter. We do not owe any duty of care or liability to any other person.


Hourly Rates

We cost and bill hourly rates

Our charging time starts from when we arrive at your office or meeting place, and finishes, when we leave your office, or place of meeting, or alternatively when we close discussions. We will both know when it commences and ends.

Hourly consulting rates depend on the nature of the project, project duration, specific resources necessary and used or required to be on standby, and also the project location. Other factors may from time to time be added or subtracted, depending on many factors.

  • These times are logged
  • Meeting with client/staff to understand the situation or issues;
  • Time spent with (reviewing/evaluating documents);
  • Time spent on the telephone talking about the situation or issues, analyzing, configuring and testing, educating and creating documentation and reports.


We Dont Do Disclaimers

We stand on our word and are accountable for our counsel and direction to 50% of the value of the fees we charge

As Muslims involved in business and technology consulting, we rely completely on the tenets of Islam to determine our praxis and counsel, our business relationships, our products and our associates. Islam is its own culture, a way of life, a form of government, a social structure, as well as a regulatory norm for the full range of human and human/other relationships. The conduct of business is no exemption. Our socio-politico-economic-ethico*-moral theories should be consistent with guidance and instruction and the basis of all of them must be one. and when the Creator and His Messenger has made a decision, it is not for Mankind and ins to have an opinion on it



Continuing with us is based on results. There are no yearly contracts to sign; your commitment is only month-to month, or project to project. This program is only good if it's helping you; therefore, you may exit this program at any time..


All offers and fee bids, etc, by IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. and all contracts concluded with a Client shall be subject to and shall incorporate these terms and conditions. No amendment or variation to these terms and conditions shall be binding on IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. unless in writing signed by a director of IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. and a duly authorized officer of the Client. These terms and conditions supersede all other.


At the personal level the obligation is to (a) engage in halal professions and business activities. (b) Facilitate seamless transitions from conventional business practices to a Islam Compliant Practices; (c) Be a catalyst in the enhancement of permissible lifestyle businesses from concept to product delivery, and customer satisfaction.


At the corporate level the obligation is to seek to (a) establish a system that facilitates such individual efforts and discourage their opposites in our community; (b) research, establish, and support, promote compliant Businesses activities; (c) increase the successful small to medium owner managers pool of entrepreneurs (d) transition and convert conventional business to compliance; (e) be an intermediary between diverse cultures; (f) be a bridge-builder facilitator in trade, commerce and business relations, on a best practices of Islam


At the greater collective level we intend to be in the vanguard of establishing, maintaining and propagating Businesses Best Practice, based on Islam


These Terms of Business are deemed to be known and accepted by the Client by virtue of an Introduction to, or the Engagement of an Applicant.

No variation or alteration of these Terms of Business shall be valid unless approved in writing by the Company IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd.


IkrimahPlc shall execute his/her duties, as defined in the scope of works, with reasonable skill, care and diligence and perform his obligations faithfully and diligently and in accordance with Islam and the Client Brief; shall use its best endeavors to seek the interests of the Client; shall carry out and complete the services within the period stated in the engagement agreement; We shall only undertake works that are within their field of expertise.


The project brief should be a description of the project to be undertaken by the client. It will be an overview of the whole project, not only the work to be undertaken by the COUNSEL. The Description of the project and the client's overall objectives.

The Client Brief, which will form part of the Project Brief, will be produced by the client after discussions between the client and the COUNSEL.

It will define the company's standards to which the work should be executed and the overall IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. policy.


The project scope details the work to be carried out by the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL as described in the project brief.

An agreed schedule of works and detailed programme should be prepared.

The different areas or stages in the schedule may be priced.

This will assist us in agreeing to the value of any variations which may occur over the course of the project


These Terms of Business are deemed to be accepted by the Client by virtue of an Introduction to, or the Engagement of an Applicant.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, these Terms of Business shall prevail over any other terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by the Client.

No variation or alteration of these Terms of Business shall be valid unless approved in writing by the Company.

Fees and charges are in all matter/issue/projects quoted exclusive of Taxes. IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL liabilities in relation to the duties performed shall be limited as follows:


The Client will provide the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL with all relevant information; to enable IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL to execute his/her duties;

The Client will provide the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL with reasonable access to the premises if any that needs are being assessed;

The Client will co-operate fully with IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL;

The Client will respond promptly to requests for additional information; Complete payment for the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL services as per agreement


Payment schedules and methods may be agreed through negotiations between the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL and the Client.

Payments may be related to time periods, milestones or completion of the works.

Clients will be invoiced by the auditor/consultant in accordance with the agreed method.

The method of payment will be included in the engagement agreement with the agreed method for calculation of variations to the project brief/budget.

The payment of invoiced moneys due to the COUNSEL shall be paid within 7 days from the date of receipt of the invoice by the Client unless otherwise agreed in writing.


The fees contained within the scope of works and the engagement agreement should specify the inclusion or exclusion of expenditure relating to; counsel fees, travel expenses, accommodation expert fees as per agreement; reasonable travel and hotel expenses, (including mileage for car travel at a specified rate; postage/courier charge; obtaining copies of plans; GST, where applicable


The IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL agrees to treat as confidential and not disclose or permit to be disclosed to any person or otherwise make use of or permit to be made use of any information in relation to the Client's.


Any notice required by this agreement to be given by either party to the other shall be in writing and shall be served by sending the same by registered post or recorded delivery to the last known address of the other party and any receipt issued by the postal authorities shall be conclusive evidence of the fact and date of posting such a notice.


1. Includes; 2. The Parties to the Agreement; 3. Client Name and Business Name and Particulars; 4. Company ID Number if any; 5. TAX Registration Number; 6. COUNSEL Name; 7. COUNSEL Business Address; 8. COUNSEL Company Number; 9. COUNSEL Company Tax Registration Number; 10. Project Value; 11. Project Commencement Date; 12. Project Completion Date; 13. Signatories; 14. Date


The Clients may not make any alterations to any reports or other documentation prepared by the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL without prior consent in writing from the IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. COUNSEL


Either party shall be entitled to terminate the contract if; the other party is in breach of this contract for a period exceeding 7 days after the breach has been communicated in writing to him or her


Ikrimahplc Pte Ltd is registered in and operating from offices located in Singapore with just-in-time international project teams.

Other named businesses and entities are paid and independent service providers in their own right and our relationships are based on our right conduct.


Compliance and confidence with follow-up and support; Fact-based relationships with stakeholders to enable a business value on the buy and sell-sides of the organization; Optimize time and resources, increase efficiency, while reducing costs, and enhanced ROI; A "GoTo" Source Of Reliable Reliable Options and Opportunities;

We assist in the growth of your company and support your permissible leadership efforts.

Getting off on the right foot requires a proven game plan.

Continuing with us is based on results.


We affirm to build a Shared Vision and with a Common Language, developing Value through Collaborative Action, which Accelerates and fosters Innovation, and catalyses shared profit-enabled modes


Agreed Deliverables in faster concept to implementation of compliant user usable solutions in ideas, products, services and opportunities, on duty, on time, on requirements, on budget, first time.


  • A Meeting
  • A Common Frame Of Reference on what is required; what we provide; the value exchange
  • A Signed Agreement With Deliverables, Timelines, Duration and Authority To Proceed
  • Mobilization Fees and Commitment Fees and Project Fees when earned and due
  • Other Custom Terms to be added based on service, product etc.


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IKRIMAHPLC controls these sites from its offices in Singapore. You agree that any action proceeding, or other matters relating to your access to, or use of, the information on these sites shall be governed by Islamic Laws and permissible Singapore law. Here you choose (a) compliance and confidence with follow-up and support; (b) fact-based relationships with stakeholders to enable a business value on the buy and sell sides of the relationships; (c) optimize your time and resources to increase efficiencies, while reducing costs, and enhancing ROI; (d) you recieve deliverables on time, On specifications, on cost, first time. This praxis is only good if it's helping you: CEO. IKRIMAHPLC