Getting off on the right foot requires a proven game plan. We do stagings that provide the raised the bar on performance for your company that allows you to achieve faster concept to target implementation, so that you don’t have to. We may be your best option in finding the best-fitting solution just-in-time.

We provide provide alternative business solutions through our custom programmes and arrangement with specific benefits and specific performance requirements in a roll-out. Products are aesthetic, cost effective, energy lean, environmental sustainable and satisfies a specific trigger and user service proposition for the target demographic, be it individuals, companies, city chambers of commerce, industry sector interests, standing governments of countries or party interests of the same country



We do the stagings that provide the reliable raised bar on performance for your company that allows you to achieve a faster concept to target implementation and we may be your best option in finding the best-fitting solution in the shortest possible time at a fixed price the first time.

These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at, or the things they are not sure how to do, or they are not sure if they're dong it right, or just the things they don't like doing, or even some of the things they are good at, but it's no longer profitable to do it, or even some of the things that you are good at, but just cannot do now .


As a CEO/COO you need to learn very early how to survive, when your business is growing every six months, or indeed there has been no movement in a year and you’re 100% committed to keeping your business running, it does not give you much time to reflect, learn, and plan, much less have a life. We can be there to help.


Our offer is an invitation to treat respondents as prospective clients subsequent to their assessment and selection of our praxis as the potential source of the solutions that they think can provide the results for their business challenges to achieve required outcomes that enhance their mission critical business needs. .


Praxis name

ISLAMIC ENTITY CONVERSION (V.3.0/14) | This is the Praxis Option Call Name in Our Suite of Services

Praxis duration

1000 PLC Hrs = 90 Standard| This is a base standard, it may be delivered in less or more time.

Praxis-id code

PLCIE00-58 | This is the current call and reference code. It is changeable without notice, please return often for updates.

Praxis value exchange

200000 | This references current base value we attach for this praxis option. We explain it in our first meeting.

Known Fixed Costs

Our costs are fixed for a fixed time and fixed outcome. Selecting an alternative process, will very likely include, percentages etc. We separate total fees into easily understandable arrangements Mobilization, A Deposit, A Continuation And Closing Fees, all from the same Fees.

Praxis value is gold standard

(a) Minimum 4.25 Grams Of Gold of 999 Purity Per Hour. (b) Other Standards 8.5 Grams of Gold of 999 Purity and (c) 12.75 Grams of Gold of 999 Purity, as well as (d)custom value costing.

Value consideration

Plus 20% extra time Follow-Up Counsel | This is the standard maximum we provide as a no-cost follow-up support to all clients


WHAT | Is The Praxis Description

NIYHAT a to conduct a business on the basis of a common Islamic Standard, based on halal and tayiib. We invite to Common Terms and the duty after the duty. Notably this practise benefits those who are switching from the dealing in prohibited products to permissible options.

Ikrimahplc Scenario Analyses are Evaluations we execute to determine the survivability Index, or what we call Survival Capability Indicators of products. We develop our own compliant models and adapt others to deliver compliant solutions in custom coaching and business plans and proposals geared to initiate and transform your conventional Operations to Islamic Businesses with permissible products and services.

How We Deal With The Future

In our praxis, we are short on nil speculation and long on reality. We identify the and describe the situation as it is and determine fixes for those situations and for unknown situations, we simply determine a way to act when those unknown situations are manifested or seem looming. The real requirement here is agility, ability, availability to resources and teams and knowledge that there is a fix somewhere that can be had.

Target Prospects | Corporate

IKRIMAHPLC's practice addresses (a) Personal/Private; (b) Corporate or Public Enterprise Capacity. leaders of Start-ups or ongoing business development, and we can provide you with integrated, one-on-one and one-to-team consulting services that are targeted to fit your specific needs.

Praxis Scope

We do not limit our practice to a narrow industry focus ! We are specialists in business, and our competence bridges the gap in a select group of processes, and quality mission critical practices which are the stock in trade of individuals business, industries, and countries and our practice is therefore not industry specific, but human needs and resource specific. On Time, On Requirements, On Budget, First Time.



S.E. ASIA | Middle EAST & North AFRICA | Caribbean & Latin AMERICA, Europe

We provide resource-filled  support to your business destinations  (a) Which Region? (b) Which Country? (c) Which Industry? (d) Which Sector? (e) Which Government Department? (f) Which Chambers Of Commerce? (g) When? Whom With? Why and How?


WHAT | Is The Fine Print

We help you with your decision-making strategies, tradeoffs, and shortcuts in high ambiguity settings, and ease some of your anxieties over uncertainties. We assist in the growth of your operations and support your permissible business efforts.

Just In Time Fixed Cost Solutions for in high to escalating stakes negotiations, hot-swapping status-quo for clear directions, non-ambiguous perspective, capability, capacity and opportunity. Save time & reduce costs in resolving mission issues, can ask private questions on sensitive matters for best in class support and confidentiality

  • These are all the Fine Print . All offers and fee bids, etc, by IkrimahPlc Pte. Ltd. and all contracts concluded with a Client shall be subject to and shall incorporate these terms and conditions.
  • We wont take the project if we cannot do it. We will make at least one and up to three alternative similar or differing solutions provider.
  • All Praxis Options Are Accompanied By No Cost Three (3) Hours Pre-Project Counsel On Each And All Subsequent Projects We Accept
  • All Praxis Options Are Accompanied, No Cost 20% Hrs Post-Project Counsel On Each And All Subsequent Projects We Accept
  • Our Total Liability is 50% of our Fees charged for the product

Continuing with us is based on results. There are no yearly contracts to sign; your commitment is only month-to month, or project to project. This program is only good if it's helping you; therefore, you may exit this program at any time.

WHAT | Is The Success Prognosis

100% Success on "Planned As Agreed" Deliverables on time, solution and cost. The prognosis directly impacted by the incidence(s) of plan changes during the project life-cycle.


WHO |Are The Clients


  • Muslims



We assist clients by professionally and expertly evaluating their business's service's and the contractual obligations of delivery either to determine the likelihood of their achieving required attention and goals, or to ensure that, promises in advertising, presentation, claims, declarations and warranties are at a performance level and legal and fullfilment issues are reassuringly kept.

We ensure that the model, objectives, concepts and relevant technologies (if any) are explained in clear, concise and easy to follow language and then packaged for effective presentation, for record and reference.


WHAT | Survival Capability Indicators (SCI) Analysis

Proprietary Custom BUSINESS Business Survival Capability Index Business Evaluation/ReSET | Survival effect of the Business in executing Mission| This deals with the Survival Capability Indicators (SCI) of the company in the business of delivering its services among its competition and is how Business respond to spurt growths without and sales downturn without adding new costly processes at the margin or completely. It Includes handling the expectations of the consumers, being competitive, in packaging, portability, usability, fitness for purpose, satisfaction, disposability, environmental friendliness, carbon footprint recyclability, increase or decrease in customer demand, but still be a fixture in the mind of consumers because of past performance and future expectations



“ If one of the dirhams used to buy a cloth is tainted the Salah is unacceptable as long as the cloth is worn” (Musnad Ahmad).

The Duty After The Duty

We intend to achieve and maintain an Islamic and morally Respected position in the addressed market segments in terms of customer satisfaction and product utility, innovation and being a prosper thy neighbour operator.

Ikrimahplc Business Solutions

#1, we square it with Islam and provide you with an accurate understanding of the obligations of the duty, in all activities and how that impacts on your business and other activities.

#2, we, state our position and explain that we can provide a fix that is suitable for conventional businesses that is compliant with our praxis and that we offer an option to convert conventional operations, conventional services and products and company CEOs as part of our operations in business development.

With the customers agreement we proceed to describe, environment and develop a custom set of core principles, and a roadmap with signposts that is easily distinguishable by the prospect and seen as a solution

So You Are Small Business?

So called “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)" are very often confronted with the same problems that plague larger resourced-operations and multi-national corporations in both cause and targeted solutions, the only difference is in degree and access to resources, based on life-cycle and connections.


Prospect-Validation | Doing The First Things First

  • We determine the necessity of this engagement | Is it Feasible?
  • Are you planning around facts?
  • Are the milestones unrealistic or predetermined?
  • Is the project sponsor providing support?
  • Are progress and risks honestly assessed?
  • Are the Deliverables agreed on?
  • Are the tools adequate?
  • Is the client willing to do what it requires for succession?.
  • Have you built an agreed-to core set of practices to foster ocandor and rapidly succeed in project execution:


Scaling Your Business

The Business Scaling Process is to deliver on the expectations and the reason for its creation and existence in keeping with the needs of the writer to the prospect and being representative of the writer and the process it is intended to communicate.

You And Your Business

Both you and the entity have to be able to answer the same questions:

Does it serve a purpose, to its demographic to ensure their buy-in so they may see themselves as a valuable functioning part of an organic customer-centric company that they can use to satisfy there desires?. Is there viable strategy, team, supportive, does it speak to the investor interests, can it the plan scale, can the business scale

Have you looked on Strategy, Implementation Plan, Barriers To Implementation, Solutions to the Barriers, Do you have critical skills, Is your Operations Organic, Are you appreciative of the divide between knowing what to do and doing it when it needs to be done.

  • Are you a credible "seller/producer of that product"
  • Are you and your product a mis-match
  • How much scaling do you need to be a "matching fix"
  • Is the strategy coherent?
  • Do the pieces fit together?
  • Did you do your homework?
  • Does your team, show a good fit with the strategy?
  • is your packaging and your pricing suitable or adequate?
  • Is your capital structure appropriate for the investors you're approaching?
  • Are you talking to the right people?
  • Is it the right time?
  • Does the product fit with the mission?
  • What do you need to do next?


Evaluation For Scalability

Scalability is the ability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing or reducing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth. Essentially it is the ability to add or subtract resources to to affect performance in an managed and expected way without adding increasing costs of change issues, which can be dislocational* (our term*). We evaluate for scalability, agility, access to alternative, sources of supply and resources

More Than A Balance Sheet

Your business is more than just your balance sheet and profit/loss statements. Our process recommends that we assess the whole organism and the controller as an integrated entity, tasked with the same deliverables and to remove discontinuities and bottlenecks that can militate against agreed favourable outcomes, that may be important not just to your operations, but to stakeholders as well.


What To Expect

Our evaluation covers several areas of the documentation: Presentation, Strategy, Team and Capital Structure, candidate fit etcetera.

  • The delivered entity is Islamic
  • Its content is determined by environment variables, including time, competition, cost, or functionality.
  • The deliverable determinants are market intelligence, customer contact, and the skill of developers.
  • Frequent adjustments to deliverable content occur during the project in response to environment.
  • The deliverable can be determined anytime during the project.
  • A real world solution, impacted and shaped by the features and capable of successfully existing in it.
  • 1-Study the document Research the industry Research the Market.
  • 3-Give you a tentative "Go"/"No-Go" Provide you with sound recommendations and steps toward goal achievement.


WHAT | Are The Features

If you, your business/project, documents received a report card, what do you think would say?

Our proprietary stages are (a) Actions Preparatory To Ecosystem building Implementation & Validation; (b) Implementation and; (c) Management and Support.

Following below we supply in appreciable detail information on this moost important life-impacting move in your business life-cycle. the first staging only. The standard duration for this period is 30 days * 8hrs = 240 hours.
The other subsequent stagings are also at least of similar length durations, but we can do custom timelines and compliant deliverables at additional or at lesser cost depending on which case we agree to

  • The Duty After The Duty | The Duty After The Duty, After The Duty
  • Description of the environment and creating a business profile and internally and externally supporting ecosystem
  • Islamic Business Case Development
  • Counsel, Mentor, PlcPeer, Shariah Counsel
  • Manager, Family, Product, Service Customer, Market, Industry SCSI
  • Advance the case design by creating permissible cost and benefit models, and appropriate benefits rationale, and clearly defined "boundaries" (rules for determining what belongs in the case and what does not).
  • Align Intention With Inputs For Targeted Outputs
  • Chart Routes, Lay Roadmaps, Erect Signposts
  • ScaleUp and Develop Skillsets and Capabilities
  • We appraise the present challenges(Compliant business)
  • Branding & IP Issues
  • Define, Identify, Select Compliant Teams & Associates
  • Resource Development
  • Business Strategic Launch
  • Business Intention | The Duty After The Duty

Throughout the project, the core team serves to extend the business case by being involved as these are key factors in establishing case credibility and viability for successful implementation

Specifically, Our solution is delivered based on client need, and provided in graduated stages. This approach ensures that the final document properly presents your team’s agreed upon ideas and strategies for achieving the stated objectives. If however you are a start-up, and this team is not in place we will still be able to use your strengths to produce an effective document.


WHAT | Business Challenges Does It Address

These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at or, the things they are not sure how to do or they are not sure if they're dong it right or just the things they don't like doing or even some of the things they are good at - but it's no longer profitable to do it or even some of the things that you are good at, but just cannot do now

Muslim Business Challenge | Permissibility

The search for the Islamic way among Muslims is ongoing throughout the Muslim world. It is an uneasy search seeking to link the fundamentals of a glorious past with a present fraught with issues, masterminded and maintained failingly so, by others than ourselves.

Alternatively there is a parallel search for any kind of business environment which offers the prospect of fair dealings, straight talk, relative peace of mind and any kind of returns the decisions to each party based on just deals, that returns faith and belief in both mankind and their enterprises outside of a heavily manipulated environment of smoke, mirrors.

The challenge of Islam is a challenge to all Muslim societies, indeed all societies. This involves achieving a delicate balance between the needs of the individual, in his business, business process, the value and requirements to the community and the right of the individual to the full attainment of freedom, equality, justice under Islam and earn permissible income and call to all to common terms.


WHAT | Are The Deliverables

This is an incomplete list, working as an FYI, which is not exhaustive. These are standard deliverables, Custom Deliverables Are on Common Terms.

  • A Compliant Operation
  • A completely new mindset; Sincerity; Research and ongoing engagement
  • We would be pleased to submit a proposal to you for services that may include:
  • Renewed intention and business PlcBizReset
  • Renewed supported resolve | Renewed environment
  • Custom Formal business case analysis with all funding proposals
  • Supported Capital acquisition process in Islamic business case framework.
  • That would build and deliver a compelling business case in Islam to your management.
  • Coaching your managers and other professionals through the case building process.
  • Critiquing or auditing your own cases
  • Evaluating your plans

We get you the (A) Strategic Document; (B) Agreement; (C) Customer; (D); Market; (E) Product; (F) Company; (G) Partner, (H) Opportunity;(I) Strategy On Duty, On Requirements, On Time On Cost, First Time.


WHAT | Is The Application

This is the DoNoDo/GoNoGo Information for decision or task execution that you need about that market/location/partner that you have always thought about but think you could not afford to do, because of the traditional requirements of costs, time and unquantifiable need in a foreign environment. This is the micro-manageable, reliable chartered team member of choice that represents you by agreement for the exact purpose that we agreed .

  • Conduct an Islamic Operation!!
  • Raise permissible capital | launch a new product,
  • Attract management talent, or investors
  • Penetrate a new market
  • Compete permissibly efficiently
  • Position the operations strategically for growth or competition
  • Effectively scale the operations


WHAT | Are The Achievements

  • Compliance and confidence with follow-up and support
  • Fact-based relationships with stakeholders to enable a business value on the buy and sell-sides of the organization.
  • Optimize time and resources, increase efficiency, while reducing costs, and enhanced ROI
  • A GoNoGo and GoTo Source Of Reliable Warrantied Business Options and Opportunities.
  • Expand strengths; See and seize available opportunities
  • Consider an alternative project path and keep schedules
  • Learn To Prepare a concrete, realistic self-development plan
  • Acquire New And Dynamic Skillsets for a Changing Global Challenge
  • Manage change and uncertainty
  • Integrate your past, living in the present
  • Take realistic steps to manifest your visions
  • Finding meaning and purpose in career and vocation
  • Benefit from liking What You Do Until You Can Do What You Like.

Proprietary Solutions Based On The Available Standards

We get you the (A) Deal; (B) Agreement; (C) Customer; (D); Market; (E) Product; (F) Company; (G) Partner, (H) Opportunity;(I) Strategy On Duty, On Requirements, On Time On Cost, First Time.


WHY | We Do It

These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at or, the things they are not sure how to do or they are not sure if you're doing it right or just the things they don't like doing or even some of the things they are good at - but it's no longer profitable to do it, or even some of the things that you are good at, but just cannot do now..


How | We Do It

WHY | You Need Us

We bring skills, expertise, experience that may be lacking in your business or your decision making process. We Have Different Solutions Suite and we do stagings that provide the raised bar on performance for your company that allows you to achieve faster concept to target implementation.

We may be used on a short-term basis to improve performance, or on an as-needed basis. The Counsel-as-coach can be a useful model for developing a knowledge base of “How To”, “When and Where To” and “Who With”


How | We Do It

Our Engagement Commences when we meet with the person or groups responsible for the new directions. Our implementation takes place in three phases in which we use proprietary methods and public data to create and develop proprietary solutions for your operations, at whatever stage of the development cycle you are when we meet.

Smarter Questions

These are activities precedent to the project and will be discussed and agreed to in our first set of discussions. For Different Orientations, access to our praxis is not an issue as we have compliant packages that are suitable as well - please speak to us for those details.

  • Describing the Environment and creating a Business Profile
  • Develop Business Case
  • Chart Routes, Roadmaps, Signposts
  • Develop Skillsets and Capabilities
  • Create New Services & Plug-in Options Development
  • Branding & IP Issues & Branding
  • Custom Stress Tests
  • Reset Intention & Permissible Mission
  • Assess, Validate, Hand-off
  • Transition Management
  • Proprietary Follow-up Support


WHERE | Location

South East Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Russia & CIS, Caribbean and selected Sections of South America.

"Chartered Solutions for high to escalating stakes business life-cycle negotiations.

Hot-swap your status-quo for new and clear directions, unambiguous perspectives, corporate capabilities, country capacity and private opportunities."

We could be your best option in secure mining and establishing of lasting relations.

Managing Expectations

On this site our descriptions are longer than many others, primarily because we know what we can do and it the declaration provides a clear indication of our capabilities, the value we exchange and what the standards and delivery options that we expect you to reference in contactng us and that we will agree to be should held to.


How You Pay Us

  • All activities and projects in our praxis are undertaken on the basis of PlcManHours .
  • There are eight (8) man-hours in our Plc-Work day.
  • Differences in fees are based on complexity, involvement or where teams may be involved and specialized resources need to acquired to execute a project.
  • Private/Personal 4.25 Grammes of 999 Purity Gold (PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency
  • Corporate 8.50 Grammes of 999 Purity Gold(PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency
  • Governorate 12.75 Grammes of 999 Purity Gold (PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency
  • Custom Rates are based on any configuration the Grammes of 999 Purity Gold (PER PlcHOUR) or its equivalent value in your currency

We know business needs!

At the personal and individual level the obligation is to (a) engage in compliant professions and business activities. (b) Facilitate seamless transitions from conventional business practices to a Compliant Operations; (c) Be a catalyst in the enhancement of Muslim businesses from concept through product delivery, and customer satisfaction.

 We (d) Seek to establish approved income activities and an enhanced ROI for our prospects while applying the principles of Islam; (e) Remind Muslims of right conduct, and to proceed on common terms; (f) to be available to our community for compliance in their operations; (g) Be exemplars of what we call others to.


Understand technology

We provide custom features using proven leading edge technologies in configurations to ensure relevance to internal/external culture, procedures, needs etc. We convene and discuss the range of possibilities suitable to satisfy the need requirement.

At the corporate level the intention is to seek to (a) establish a system that facilitates and makes easy individual efforts in this intended direction; (b) research, establish, support and promote compliant Businesses activities; (c) assist in personal and corporate development and growth of the unserved Islamic and smaller owner business segment (d) competently share the compliant requirements of our community; (e) be an intermediary between diverse cultures; (f) facilitate trade, commerce and business relations based on Islam between Muslims and non-Muslims


Do the duty after the duty

At the greater collective level we intend to be in the vanguard of establishing, maintaining and propagating Businesses Best Practice, based on Islam. Research and provide Information on Sharee'ah requirements to non-Muslims. Provide differentiating experience for everyone.

We call to common terms and right t conduct, and a prohibition of the wrong. We collect and analyze information about your goals, the current situation, consumers and competitors. "If one of ten Dirhams used to select a cloth is tainted the Salah is unacceptable as long as the cloth is worn."(Musnad Ahmad).


Gap Mgnt Intervention

Critical Culture Shifting and Profit Enhancement Change has occurred (perhaps someone has just left suddenly) or it is about to (A strategic change is to be implemented) Extremely cost efficient:


Just-in-Time Support

Non executive (NEDs/NXD) Directors and Board level Expert Advisors are usually found in large multi-national companies,  but in businesse's reality there is always a genuine requirement for a good Director in smaller and owner-managed companies.


Profit Oriented Trade-Offs

Our PM practice method lets you know if you are doing the first things first. How to know what to do before the first thing. How do know what is involved and what will pull it together.

We can help you with your decision-making strategies, tradeoffs, and shortcuts in high ambiguity settings, and ease some of your anxieties over uncertainties.


Prod/Svc Evaluation

Many Business Documents are rejected simply for being too complicated, too simplistic, or because the wording of the plan and the actual financial forecasts that accompany it do not agree with each other.


Owner/Mgr Evaluation

Stress Test owner, management and team. owner . How well are you equipped to manage your dream operations in meeting the deliverables of customers that have entrusted their business to you.


Biz/Project Evaluation

Stress Proof Business. If your business/project received a report card, what do you think it would say.

At critical periods, companies are required as a better practice principle to conduct internal business and personal process evaluation operations commonly called STRESS TESTS


Foreign (local) Office

Different cultures and values add to the hurdles to be overcome before the first staff is employed, or the first product/service is rolled out. Dispatching your own staff to the new country immediately, may require costly and time-consuming training and orientation and dislocation.


PlcCounsel ToGo

Need An Expert Stand-In or have a meeting that you dread attending, or will need expensive local home talent in a foreign country to navigate through.


Scale-Up Teams

Need expertise short term, augment your current management to chart a new thrust, get secure the favours and services of a new resource or venture partner, an new banking institution as a requirement to access emerging opportunities or enter into new markets.


PlcCompliant Document

Compliant Business and Technology Counsel & Practice Solutions to Transition from Conventional Business to Compliant Business, Training Technical Advice, Coaching and Business Statements of Intents/Documents and Proposals geared to initiate and transform Individual Operations to Islamic Business with permissible products and services .

We provide such support, that assist in re-ordering, personal intention and conduct to re-orientate individuals to right conduct, compliance and permissible personal goal setting for planned successful outcomes..


PlcCompliant Entity

We develop our own compliant models to deliver solutions in custom coaching and business Documents geared to transform your Operations to Compliant Businesses with permissible products and services.


PlcCompliant Financiers

We recommend your verified services to prospect clients to be Business Matched and in which activity you may re-purchase qualified performing loans of your choice for permissible financing and provide new opportunities.

Our services introduce you to a wider client base previously unknown to your right conduct, compliance and permissible corporate performance



Business and Information Technology Counsel who went into independent consulting as a direct result of intending to be in charge of his own circumstances after experiencing the direct correlation between personal effort and task execution with better practices and eventual reward.



To contribute to a common business standard based on halal and tayyib.

To assist in the development and establishment of a Businesses Best Practice with Islam as its driving principles.

We have passion for delivering measurable business results;

A commitment to our principles, and solutions on a fixed-price, fixed-time basis;

A multidisciplinary tightly knit team; Technology solutions that are designed for adoption.



We encourage personal creativity and enterprise, and ask associated entities to aim for initiative and courage in deliverables.

We are dedicated to permissible corporate philanthropy, and will actively encourage team, service partners, and clients to participate and support permissible local, world and e-communities, maintain stable employment, work force productivity and personal hopes, while enriching the quality of life and interpersonal relationships.

We provide scalable customer, and needs-driven consulting and value-added services. Our relationships are initiated, developed and maintained with integrity and confidence..


"business done by a man with his own hands and every, permissible commercial transaction"

On Duty, On Fixed Cost, On Time, On Requirements, First Time

Select From Our Guided Faith-based business Mentorship (SoYouWannaBeAWhat?) 36hrs Module | With 10 Hrs Post-Consultations Counsel.

CEO | "Counsel"

Know that in the choice between wealth and right guidance, then be careful to benefit your children from right guidance rather than with wealth, for the fortunes of the rightly guided is more beneficial than wealth of the unguided..

CEO |"Startups"

If you were downsized, it is probably obvious to you how a business coach could help you. If you hold a permanent job, you are probably wondering how business coaching could possibly be relevant to you. Which brings us back to downsizing..

Downsizing has been a tidal wave that wreaked profound changes in the face of the workplace. Changes that effect those who were left holding jobs as well as those who were released. Employers’ expectations have been altered.

CEO |"Opportunity"

We miss 100% of the chances we do not take. It looks and dresses like work! So Seek to work with things and persons as they are and you will recognize them rather than spend time wishing these things and persons were different ..

CEO |"Work, Job Career"

Is your current income generating activity just a job? Has your career become work?. Do you feel like switching but are unsure of where to turn?

CEO |"Mentorship"

Planning and not just Documents, wishing is not a business function, facilitation, financing, mentorship is not a part of the Literature.

That they are critical and their absence are among the critial warnings signs in the first year heralding failing operations is an unspoken secret and knowing that they are necessary is easier than identifying and selecting them.

CEO |"Associations"

- There are two association nuggets to consider, one is to keep company only with persons who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. The second is to NOT avoid those who would do the same with you, because to others who you seek, you are as they are

Business Consultant

Consultants are usally in possession of needed expertise and independence As a business consultant you can choose to specialize. [Business Consultant];

CEO| Management Consultant

As a management consultant, You also be an adviser, coach, project manager and trainer. Consulting offers many options. [Management Consultant];

CEO| Technical Writer

Write user, Procedures and technical manuals that instruct and describe step-by-step, how to use anyting. [Tecnical Writer];

CEO| Book Editor

Editors generally fall into two categories copy editors and acquisitions editors, one edits authors book the other purchase books for publishing bouses. [Book Editor];

CEO| Career Coach

Help others to retrain do additional services such leading career training programs, or providing services for corporations. [Career Coach];

CEO| Public Relations

Public Relations offers many benefits,Chief among theme, being self-employment and negotiable salaries. [Public Relations];

CEO| Innoventneur

Innovate and many become entrepreneurs when they develop ideans up with ideas for exciting new products. [Innoventneur];

CEO| Event Planner

Become an event planner,aka, meeting planner, evets coordinatior, or evets organizer and start your own company. [ Event Planner];

CEO| Public Speaker

If you have extraordinary turn-around experiences and a passion for speaking and sharing you can be a speaker. [Public Speaker];

CEO| Human Resources Professional

Human resources specialists are the critical productive links between owners and staff. [HR Professional];

CEO| Advertising Copywriter

See and be paid for the results of your creativity-on television, in magazines, on billoboards, andelsewhres. [Advertising Copywriter];

CEO| Freelance Writer

Become a freelance writer and see your work in print. The type of writing your depends. [Freelance Writer];

CEO| Business Coach

A Career as a business coach allows the freedom of chosing the types of clients, remuneration and expertise. [Business Coach];

CEO| Corporate Trainer

Corporate Trainers assist moving personal and corporate downtime and transform do-nothing feelings into productive energy. [Corporate Trainer];

CEO| Coffeee Franchisor

Learn, manager, operate andearn the opportunity to perticipate in an exciting new franchise. [Coffee Franchisor];

CEO| Motivational Speaker

Get a vision of your self with new skillsets that could establish you on a path to be the next great team leader in your industry.. [Motivational Speaker];

CEO| Virtual Assistant

Start where you can providing invaluable support, work from home and enter the industry on your terms at your pace. [Virtual Assistant];

CEO| "Business Life Cycle"

Every so often we get to that part of the road in the enterprise.

At first there seem to be no signs, no footsteps and no experienced guides…mostly there is no pathway and there seems to be no one before or a herald to announce us, nor is there a cheering section to spur us on… but we know that even now we must go forward because we know what's behind and no knowledge of what’s ahead.

At this point you know that with the conviction of your beliefs and the information of counsel and belief our God you take that step going forward, knowing that if you don't find firm ground underfoot you will learn how to fly.


We provide our solutions against the background of the Islamic Aadaabs Of Khidmat (Service To Others) of which there are three conditions of Kidmaat, viz.

Sincerity: The motive of rendering the service must be nothing other than Muhabbat (affection).

Congeniality: The hearts of the Khaadim (the one who renders the service) and the Makhdoom (the one who is being served) should be at one.

There should be congeniality (Munaasabat) between them. They should not be strangers.

Ability: The Khaadim should know how to render the service he is to undertake.| CEO.IKRIMAH - In Other Words We Will Not Take The Project Unless We Can Deliver. {iA}


“Naseehah is the seeking of an action or statement that contains goodness and improvement for the other person.” In the matter of business, technology we share permissible methods, processes of engagement on (a) how to; (b) when to; (c) why to; (d) where to; (d) who with; and (e) the with which.!.


We engage prospects on the basis of Wakalah as an Amiin as well as Advisor As An Amiin in the matter of Business Naseehah.

"Engaging Us"

Our Engagement Commences when we meet with the person or groups responsible for the new directions. Our implementation takes place in three phases in which we use proprietary methods and public data to create and develop proprietary solutions for your operations, at whatever stage of the development cycle you are when we meet.


Continuing with us is based on results. There are no yearly contracts to sign; your commitment is only month-to month, or project to project. This program is only good if it's helping you; therefore, you may exit this program at any time.

Value Statement

We affirm to build a Shared Vision and with a Common Language, developing Value through Collaborative Action, which Accelerates and fosters Innovation, and catalyses shared profit-enabled modes

"No Disclaimers"

We are accountable for our counsel up to 50% of the fees we charge. As Muslims we rely completely on the tenets of Islam to determine our praxis and counsel, our business relationships, our products and our associates. Islam is its own culture, a way of life, a form of government, a social structure, as well as a regulatory norm for the full range of human relationships.


  • A Meeting
  • A Common Frame Of Reference on what is required; what we provide; the value exchange
  • A Signed Agreement With Deliverables, Timelines, Duration and Authority To Proceed
  • Mobilization Fees and Commitment Fees and Project Fees when earned and due
  • Other Custom Terms to be added based on service, product etc.


  • You Have Read "How To Use Our Services"
  • You Are Curious About What We Do
  • You Have Heard About Us
  • You Have Been Referred
  • You Have Tried The Others
  • You Need Channels Caribbean, South America, CIS & S.E. Asia
  • We Know Business Needs
  • We Understand Information Technology
  • We Called You To Common Terms
  • We Do The Duty After The Duty

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IKRIMAHPLC controls these sites from its offices in Singapore. You agree that any action proceeding, or other matters relating to your access to, or use of, the information on these sites shall be governed by Islamic Laws and permissible Singapore law. Here you choose (a) compliance and confidence with follow-up and support; (b) fact-based relationships with stakeholders to enable a business value on the buy and sell sides of the relationships; (c) optimize your time and resources to increase efficiencies, while reducing costs, and enhancing ROI; (d) you recieve deliverables on time, On specifications, on cost, first time. This praxis is only good if it's helping you: CEO. IKRIMAHPLC